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I am Gemma. I was born in the West Midlands, UK in 1969.

In 1990 I obtained a BA Hon’s degree in Social Science.

In 1996 in my early 20’s I became very ill and was diagnosed as having an inoperable brain tumour and was given only months to live and even though I was a huge sceptic I tried homeopathy.

Since my recovery I have accomplished, amongst other things, the following:

In 2000 I completed training at the College of Practical Homoeopathy.

In 2000 I became a registered homoeopath.

I continued to update my studies in complementary and energy medicine. Hence my treatment, if necessary, may include the use of homoeopathic remedies, herbs, flower essences and the benefit of my personal experience from being a patient and practitioner.

I have presented talks on local Radio Stations, Homoeopathic Colleges and at meetings to interested groups that wish to know about Homoeopathy and its treatments.

I have also given a talk on Homoeopathy on BBC 24.

Gemma Hoefkens