The Recovery Process

I have adopted Sally Ann Hutcheson’s, a naturopath based in London, explanation about disease. She explains toxins in the body are many and various and trouble may be caused not by one toxin but by an accumulation of toxins built up over the years coupled with deficiencies in the body..

Understanding the Recovery Process

Before getting well it is necessary to understand how the human body gets ill. Through my years of study and practice in Homoeopathy, I have come to a fairly simple view of health and disease. I have presented it in its simplicity for you below:-

Disease is caused by two things: toxicity and/or deficiency.

The Recovery Process


Toxins are many and various.

Trouble is caused not by one toxin, but by an aggregate of toxins built up over the years coupled with deficiencies.

Broad categories of toxins are:

Chemical (External) e.g. insecticides, household cleaners, cosmetics, deodorants, soap, toothpaste, food additives, drugs, vaccines, chemicals in water, air pollutants etc.

Chemical (Internal) made by the body e.g. excess adrenalin, hormones, dead cells etc.


Emotional stress, worry, anxiety, grief, anger, insult, etc.

Perverse Energy electro-magnetic, electricity, geopathic, radiation (from mobile phones, aero planes, power lines and cables, x-rays, computers, TV etc).









There are many components in the journey to good health:-

* Good diet

* Cutting down on toxins

* Adequate water intake

* Adequate exercise

* Possible change in other aspects of lifestyle e.g. looking at relationships, working hours, meditation, living environment.

* Nutritional supplements

* Homoeopathy

* Flower essences

* Other complementary therapies

The journey to good health is a process.

Getting well is not about taking or doing one thing

It involves a certain amount of commitment on your part

It is not always easy.

(Ref: Sally Ann Hutcheson)

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