A Consultation with Gemma Hoefkens

When you come for your first homeopathic consultation, you will be asked a number of questions in order to obtain a full case history, asking you about your health as well as a much broader picture of who you are, your sleep patterns, fears, emotions, personality, lifestyle, eating preferences etc. I will then carry out a non-invasive muscle response test. This is from kinesiology which monitors the flow of of energy through out the body. You will be asked to be seated on a chair beside me. I will pull very gently on your left arm whilst I am asking questions to the body.You will remain fully clothed throughout.

How long will an appointment take?

Your first appointment can take approximately 1 hour 30 min's.

Subsequent appointments take anything up to 1 hour.

Can I contact you between appointments if I need to?

In between appointments I encourage patients to contact me by telephone if they have any queries or questions about their treatment. If needed I will be happy for you to return for a 10 minute consultation, free of charge, between appointment times.