Please be aware when reading the testimonials on my website that they are the personal opinions of my patients based on their response to homoeopathic treatment.

The results are not evidence based medicine but reports of individual clinical responses.


I got this lovely Christmas card from one of my patients in December who had appointments on Skype. This is what they said:

"I’ve been writing my Christmas cards over the last few weeks and telling people how much better I am feeling thanks to our consultations. As a result I decided I

wanted to thank you personally.

So this message is to say thank you very much for all the help you have given me through our homeopathic consultations. As a result I am now able to go out on my own. In addition to helping with my balance problems, I now have very good sight and I hardly have to wear my prescription glasses. I now very rarely bite my nails which has been a habit of a lifetime. I no longer experience the awful heat rashes that I used to have every summer. You have also helped with various health issues during the time you have been treating me.

So one big thank you Gemma!"



K.H. Northumberland 2024

I have worked with Gemma on and off for a number of years. Currently we are working on my Heart Issues discovered in October 2023. Fluid on the Lungs and an enlarged Heart both identified through a chest X-Ray. This was followed up in December with an Eco - gram on my heart to discover leaky heart valve problem. I consulted Gemma because the GP prescribed water tablets for the fluid in my lungs and blood pressure tablets because my blood pressure was way too high. Gemma prescribed remedies which I took straight away. In the mean time, I was given an appointment to see a Cardiologist in January. Well, the appointment was changed until the beginning of February. Gemma prescribed remedies for my heart, my circulation and scarring. Again, the appointment has been changed to the end of February. However, because I am waiting so long to see a specialist I continue with the remedies. Something seems to be working because here we are at the beginning of February and I am feeling so much better. I can walk without getting out of breath. My lungs are a lot better, I was coughing a lot ..now not as much. I can’t believe I was ever ill. As I said to Gemma I feel like a fraud.

Thank You Gemma.