How good is milk for you


How good is milk for you?

Well it has several vitamins and minerals and it is commonly thought that it is rich in calcium . I was certainly told to drink the small glass bottles of it every day at school as a child and assured it was good for me. It would make bones grow and make me strong.

Actually dairy milk isn’t the best source of calcium and isn’t absorbed very well in the body from animal milk as much as it is from a plant based source.

Good sources of calcium can be found in

Brocolli – the super hero of the vg world


Other dark green vegetables


Sesame seeds



Navel oranges

Dried sunflowers seeds


Dairy milk (milk from a cow) has a sugar in it called lactose and the enzymes in our bodies called lactase, which digest lactose stop producing that enzyme between the ages of 2- 5 years old.

If you think about it – no other species except humans drink milk after they are a baby.

Cow milk is for cows they can deal with it more easierly as they have four stomachs and as you know us humans only have one.

Many people can’t digest dairy milk as it can build up mucus in your body and tumours are made of mucus. So I personally would advise anyone with a tumour to avoid dairy products – that is milk, cheese, butter and yogurt.

Did you know that hormones are sometimes given to cows by dairy farmers to boost milk production. See cow’s milk Dr Mercola there is a wealth of information on his site. You could also put in milk poison into your search engine.

But don’t forget Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium. So get yourself outside or at least 20 mins a day as the sun, whether it’s beating down or rainy the sun is always there.

If you were thinking of changing your diet from dairy food then here’s a few suggestions. My personal choice of milk for me is called Koko and is made from freshly pressed coconut but there are several other alternatives to dairy milk including , almond , rice, oat, cashew and hemp milk.


I also love St Helen’s Farm hard goat’s cheese and butter and yogurt. I have found them Tesco’s more commonly but mostly I love love love Woodlands live sheep yogurt. Just add a few fresh berries, lemon rind toasted coconut curls, sprinkle of chia seeds, pumkin seeds half a banana and top it with a few oats and you have a lovely breakfast.