It’s coming up to that time of the year when we get colds and the flu.

Here are some homeopathic remedies that may help. Homeopathy treats the person and considered the symptoms of each individual, be it physical or mental or emotional. Here is a brief description of some of the main remedies for colds and fluey symptoms. Have a look to see if you match.


Feel restless and anxious. The symptoms come on suddenly and the person is worst from being out in a cold windy day. Has a desire for a lot of water. A good remedy for violent, dry croupy coughs.


Has runny burning discharge from the nose. They want water but will only take sips. Will be anxious and irritable, hard to please but want someone to be around. They are cold but want the window open.


Used for a fever and headaches that has come on suddenly, and where the symptoms are hot, red and throbbing especially in the head area


Flu like symptoms. Where the bones feel achy. Restless and very thirsty


Useful for flu. When the person is feeling really limp and droopy. Have aching, heavy muscles. Trembling internally at thought of or during an ordeal.


Pulsatilla a main remedy for infections where the mucus is yellow/green. Emotionally are children clingy, want their mum, want to be carried and crave company. Usually thirst less but have a dry mouth.


A key note for needing this remedy is that the person’s saliva stains the bed sheets/pillow case yellow. Profuse sweating and increased thirst. Irritable and restless.


Has a constant runny nose and the mucus makes the skin feel very sore and red.


For influenza. Has a bursting headache and muscle ache. Best used at the beginning of flu.

SAFETY FIRST Serious injuries and illness should never be treated without seeking expert advice. For more chronic complaints an appointment with a homoeopath may be needed to treat the under lying weakness in the patient’s constitution. For an informal chat or to book an appointment contact

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